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Best Helicopter Rides in Oahu

The helicopter tour of Oahu is the best way to explore the Hawaiian island and tick off a famous bucket list experience. Through this tour, you can witness the remarkable views of the natural wonders and the landmarks of Oahu island. This helicopter ride gives you an aerial view of the top attractions, such as Kualoa Ranch, Hanauma Bay, Diamond Head, Waikiki, North Shore, Kaneohe Sandbar, Dole Plantation, Pearl Harbor, and much more. These tours also give visitors an option to select doors on or off the facility so they can get the best experience.

The helicopter tours in Oahu offer the best selection of rides. You can purchase the tickets online and avail yourself of the great Oahu helicopter tour discount. There are different time durations of the helicopter experience, and you can select your ride based on your preference. The shortest time duration is about 30 minutes which allows you to take a tour of the path to Pali Passage, while the longest duration is about 60 minutes which allows you to witness the Royal Crown of Oahu. You can even take the luxurious experience of the helicopter tours through Oahu Experience VIP Private Tour. Couples can also take the Exclusive Private Romantic Flight over Oahu island to get the best experience of their lifetime. Therefore, helicopter tours in Oahu offer something for everyone.

Path to Pali Passage - 30 Min Helicopter Tour

It is one of the shortest helicopter tours Oahu that you can experience on Oahu island. Within thirty minutes, you can soar high above the Oahu sky to explore the stunning peaks of the island that you would not otherwise get to see from the land. You can get an opportunity to see Mount Olomana, Diamond Head, and Nu’uanu Pali, along with the gorgeous coral reefs, volcanic cliffs, white sand beaches, and rainforests. This tour ends with a mesmerizing view of the renowned USS Arizona Monument.

Isle Sights Unseen - 45 Min Helicopter Tour

In this helicopter ride Oahu, visitors can experience the views of the island like never before. This tour will let you go over the beautiful landmarks of Oahu island, such as Maunalua Bay, Sacred Falls, Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head, Ko’olau Mountains, Ka’a’awa Valley, and much more. You can select between doors off and doors on and go on a beautiful experience of Oahu exploration. Visitors can get a chance to witness a unique perspective of the city that other people might not get to see.

Royal Crown of Oahu - 60 Min Helicopter Tour

It is one of the best 60 minutes helicopter tours Oahu that allows guests to take an aerial view of the Oahu island and plenty of its popular landmarks, like the Dole Plantation, the Diamond Head, Pearl Harbor, and Sacred Falls. You can experience breathtaking views that you might have never experienced in your life within an hour of your tour. On this helicopter ride Oahu, you have the complete freedom to select your departure time and if you wish to have your doors off or on.

The Oahu Experience VIP Private Tour

In this private tour experience, you can experience luxury with a doors-off helicopter ride on or around Oahu. On these amazing helicopter rides Oahu, guests can start the wonderful exploration journey of their life by flying over Waikiki’s shoreline moving towards the leeward coast of Koko Head, Diamond Head, and the Makapuu Point Lighthouse. Through this ride, one can witness the spectacular views of the North Shore of Oahu. The ride ends with a slow flyover over the USS Arizona and Pearl Harbor.

Waikiki Sunset Tour: 50 min Helicopter

The Oahu helicopter tours include another adventure of watching the Waikiki sunset above the famous shores of the island. It is a wonderful experience of soaking in the beauty of the sunset along the sandy beaches of Hanauma Bay with a beautiful red casting light from the Makapuu lighthouse. Within 50 minutes of the tour, you can see the evening-lit painted beaches and sandbars to the Ko’olau mountains and Chinaman’s Hat. This tour also takes you over the Banzai Pipeline, Waimea Bay, and the famous “Pineapple Sea” at the Dole Plantation.

Oahu: Exclusive Private Romantic Flight-

If you are looking forward to gifting your loved one with a romantic surprise, Oahu helicopter tours offer an exclusive private romantic flight for couples. Through this tour, you can surprise your significant other that will sweep off your feet from the floor again and again. This tour lets you soak in the spectacular views of the Oahu island and touch down in a private valley for a delightful champagne toast and Wailua chocolates. Therefore, it is an exceptional present you can give your partner and cherish the memory for a lifetime,

Points to Remember while Oahu Helicopter Tour

Best Time of the Day
Tour Duration

The best time to take Oahu helicopter tours is between 8 am and 11 am. It is the best time when you can get the best lighting to take aerial shots of the beautiful landmarks of Oahu. There are fewer clouds in the morning and the weather conditions are relatively favorable to enjoy the best flight of your life over the city of Oahu.

Although helicopter tours Oahu take place throughout the year, the summer season is the perfect time to take helicopter tours in Oahu. During this time, the weather conditions are favorable, and the clouds are clear to take flight and click aerial snaps of the beautiful landmarks of the city. If you are planning to take a helicopter tour during the winter season, you must know that it rains heavily in Oahu between November and March. So, you must check the weather conditions before taking the tour.

There are different durations of Oahu helicopter tours, and you can opt for the tour based on your preference. Some of the popular tour durations are 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 50 minutes, and 60 minutes. The path to Pali Passage of the helicopter tour takes about 30 minutes, the Isles Sight Unseen helicopter tour is for about 45 minutes, and the Waikiki Sunset Tour is a ride of 50 minutes. If you want to experience the helicopter ride for the longest time, you can select the Waikiki Sunset Helicopter Tour.

FAQ's of Helicopter Tours Oahu

How much does a helicopter ride in Oahu cost?

The cost of helicopter tours in Oahu depends on the helicopter rides you opt to take. The price starts at USD 325 up to USD 2100 per person. You can select any ride according to your preference and enjoy the scenic and dramatic landscape experience from the top.

Are helicopter tours in Oahu worth it?

Yes, Oahu helicopter tours are absolutely worth it as you will definitely enjoy the different looks of the beautiful landmarks in Oahu during sunset. Through this helicopter tour, you can relish the exciting experience of flying over Oahu and watching the city's beautiful landmarks during the most wonderful time of the day.

What do you wear on a helicopter in Oahu?

If you are going on a helicopter ride to Oahu, you should wear a long-sleeved shirt with underpants and carry a jacket or sweater for the times when you feel cold during the ride. It is advisable not to wear flip-flops or sandals that may come off during the helicopter ride. Alternatively, if you are planning to take on a helicopter ride during the winter season, you should wear a thick jacket with gloves and cover yourself with a scarf to keep you warm throughout the ride.

What is the minimum age for a helicopter tour in Oahu?

The minimum age for helicopter tours Oahu is three years old. Only children above 12 years of age are allowed to be seated beside the open door. Children between three and 11 years of age should be seated in the middle front seat between a responsible adult and the pilot.

What are the different duration types of helicopter tours in Oahu?

The different duration types of helicopter rides on Oahu are 45 minutes, 50 minutes, and 60 minutes. The 45 minutes helicopter tours open on or off helicopter rides of Isle Sights Unseen from Honolulu, while the 60 minutes helicopter rides take you on a ride to the Royal Crown of Oahu or allow you to take a VIP experience of Private Helicopter Charter. Apart from these, you can take the Magnum Experience of 50 minutes in the Private Helicopter Charter.

Where can I buy Oahu Helicopter tour tickets?

You can buy Oahu helicopter tours tickets either from the official website of the attraction or through any third-party agency. By purchasing your tickets online, you can avoid the long queues at the ticket counter and avail yourself of the Oahu helicopter tour discount that comes with the online ticket booking facility.

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